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A lovely Cassini image of Saturn. Spot the pale blue pixel encompassing all of Wikipedia...

I generally contribute content to my area of professional expertise: Solar System and planetary science-related articles.

Outside of Wikipedia, I consider Ultimate to be the best-kept secret future Olympic sport, am fond of the mighty custard square, and can bake a mean pavlova.

LinkFA-star.png Haumea (with Nergaal, Kwami and Serendipodous)
Cscr-star piece.png Moon
LinkFA-star.png Mauna Kea (with Resident Mario and Hamiltonstone)
Good article Moons of Haumea (with Nergaal and Kwami)
Did You Know? List of planetary features with Māori names

Currently in sandbox: J2 (physics), Polygonal patterned ground, List of planetary features with Australian Aboriginal names, Site testing (astronomy)