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even This editor is an eventualist.
Dem This editor is a Wikidemocrat.
mer This editor is a mergist.
meta This editor is a metapedian.
3 This user is a WikiTeen.
Peace dove blue sky.png This user advocates WikiPeace.
Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild.svg This user is highly against nazism.
Camouflage.svg This user is against involuntary military service.
Flag of Ireland.svg This user is of Irish ancestry.
Y This user is a member of
Generation Y.
G This user's favorite color is green.
{{!!!}} This user over-uses userboxes.
ADHD This user has ADHD.
LeftHand 2.png
This user is left-handed.
Cat03.jpg This user has a pet cat.
5-string bass.png This user plays the bass guitar.