This user sometimes gets lost on Commons.
This user thinks MediaWiki has a really shiny wiki, although it could be shinier.
This user has a bug on her userpage.
This user has absolutely no idea just what Wikitech is. Or isn't.
This user decided to out herself on foundationwiki.
This user can't think of anything interesting to say about Meta.


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Our technology is so advanced it can often seem broken.

I'm an
Info info info

I'm like a dev or something except I never actually do anything. Also the picture is just a picture, either a shark or a random character who isn't even mine, so don't read into it, yes? Also also I have some alternate accounts I don't use, and there's this WikiProject project I'm apparently working on. Also also also I am totally professional and stuff. Yes. Also also also also I like the word 'also'.