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Random picture that I just like. Has been known to resemble me on occasion ;)

The name is a line from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, spoken by "Big Chris" (Vinnie Jones) near the end, to the guys in the bar. My interests include Latin, theology, mathematics, history and philosophy. I'm male, around the middle of an average life expectancy, and I live in Australia. I am currently living in China teaching ESL.

I now sign as IBE, because I've found that's what everyone abbreviates to in discussions.

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WP:THEEND: An essay I helped with. Note to self: must emphasise Bold revert, discuss.

Baha'i quotes[edit]

From the Baha'i Writings, of interest to Wikipedia:

Whatever is written should not transgress the bounds of tact and wisdom, and in the words used there should lie hid the property of milk, so that the children of the world may be nurtured therewith, and attain maturity. We have said in the past that one word hath the influence of spring and causeth hearts to become fresh and verdant, while another is like unto blight which causeth the blossoms and flowers to wither.
Every word is endowed with a spirit, therefore the speaker or expounder should carefully deliver his words at the appropriate time and place, for the impression which each word maketh is clearly evident and perceptible. The Great Being saith: One word may be likened unto fire, another unto light, and the influence which both exert is manifest in the world. Therefore an enlightened man of wisdom should primarily speak with words as mild as milk, that the children of men may be nurtured and edified thereby and may attain the ultimate goal of human existence which is the station of true understanding and nobility. And likewise He saith: One word is like unto springtime causing the tender saplings of the rose-garden of knowledge to become verdant and flourishing, while another word is even as a deadly poison. It behoveth a prudent man of wisdom to speak with utmost leniency and forbearance so that the sweetness of his words may induce everyone to attain that which befitteth man’s station.
--Baha'u'llah, Tablet of Maqṣúd

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Other Wikis[edit]

I am also "Mille millions de mille sabords" on the French Wikipedia, [1].

Lost classics, faves, guilty pleasures[edit]

Peter O'Toole as El Aurens


Lost Classics

I call things "lost" even if they were never found - so I'm including artists who have yet to be discovered (at least in a big way), like Alex G.

  • Songs: "Rosalie" (Gaslight Radio), "Someday" (Haroula Rose), "Prophets" (AC Newman), "Waltz of the Magic Man" (Emmylou Harris) - a real lost classic, not available even on iTunes, and never released on CD I think, "Empty in Soho Square" (Jackie Leven), "The Calling" (Penny Flanagan), "Ocean of Regret" (Neil Murray), "Paper Planes" (M.I.A.), "Get Up" (Barcelona), "Find You" (Alex G). The last one is available at the artist's own YouTube channel, at [2].
  • Films: Buried (grossing $20 million, but worth much more)

Guilty Pleasures

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