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The name of this Wikipedian begins with a capital letter due to technical limitations. The correct title is ithinkhelikesit.
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I'm a student at Queen's University who works evening/overnight shifts part-time - which means lots of time to contribute to Wikipedia! I have a few main interests: Canadian/Portuguese/EU/International government/politics/relations, general first aid (I've been a first aid instructor for 6 years.) Right now I'm looking at some articles in Portuguese Wikipedia and translating them into English, while adding some new content. I'm keeping track of articles I have worked on for my own personal reference - hopefully I'll be able to clean up this page once I become a bit more confident in my Wikipedia editing skills.

ithinkhelikesit comes from both old Life cereal ads with Mikey - the kid who hates everything, and The Matrix's take on those ads. "Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!"

I really appreciate any and all feedback on anything I have contributed!

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My new hobby - cleaning up links to disambiguation pages. You can help!

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