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Hello, I am Iuio, and I joined Wikipedia after discovering that unregisted users were no longer allowed to create articles. Before I created this account, I have be editing as the following unregisted users: User:, User:, User: and User:, and User: I used these unregisted accounts to edit pages in the past, so if you wish to see more of my contributions, look in the contribution lists of the above unregisted users. I can fully assure that all edits made under those unregisted accounts are mine. I no longer use unregisted accounts to edit Wikipedia. I also have accounts on Wikibooks, Wikinews, and Wikisource.

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id1 This user likes Dragons and Phoenixes. Phoenix detail from Aberdeen Bestiary.jpg
Alchemy.gif This user is an alchemist.
WikiProject U.S. state capitols This user is a member of WikiProject U.S. state capitols, a WikiProject which aims to expand coverage of the various capitols and state houses of U.S. states on Wikipedia. Please feel free to join us.
Trex edited.jpg This user revived a Tyrannosaurus from a fossil and attempted to ride it. However, it went on a rampage in a marketplace, eating everyone in sight.
Triceratops side view.jpg This user revived a Triceratops from a fossil and attempted to ride it. However, it went around the neighbourhood eating every plant in sight.
' This user revived a Pteranodon from a fossil and attempted to ride it. However, it flew everywhere, crashing into every building in sight.
Eyes lumen design.svg This user ought to reconsider being a member of WikiProject: Lemony Snicket.
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