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Ivan Lasater is an Oil and Gas Production Enhancement Specialist and Operations Manager in the Oil and Gas industry focused on developing  relationships with companies like Chevron, Occidental USA, BP, Conoco Phillips, Devon, Continental Resources, Bonanza Creek Petroleum, Vintage Petroleum and others.

In addition to specializing in EPA compliant Tank Vapor recovery methods and Gas well deliquification, Ivan Lasater has expertise in removing gas interference from oil field pumps, Rod pump, electric subsurface (ESP's) and gas lift, utilizing optimal Annulus Pressures.

Between 2003 to YTD Ivan Lasater took his B.S. in Business Administration from Utah State University (1997-2003) and became a successful Operations Manager. Starting as a manager at Jiffy Lube, then a Regional manager for a utility locating company, he went on to operate his own business in the advertising field. Eventually settling in the Oil and Gas industry. Ivan Lasater is currently the Vice President of Operations for Park Energy Services.

Ivan Lasater developed a specialty in Storage Tank Vapor recovery, particularly acting directly on the tanks themselves recovering 100% of the vapors and making "being EPA compliant" profitable and becoming a leader in this emerging and demanding market.

Ivan was born and raised between Utah and Oklahoma. For more information on Ivan Lasater, visit his Curriculum Vitae. Ivan currently resides in Moab, Utah

Ivan Lasater Born: Dec 10, 1971 Founded: ICL Enterprises Parents: Robert Lasater and Jane Hamilton Youtube/ivanlasater Linkedin/Ivanlasater