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Hi there. I am a historian, and a curator at the Imperial War Museum (IWM). I am interested in modern/twentieth-century British and imperial history, in wars and conflicts, and the public representation of war and history.

On Wikipedia I am also interested in collaborative projects such as WP:GLAM, WP:MILHIST and WP:SHIPS

My contributions show that I have edited articles relating to the Imperial War Museum and its collection. Mindful that I might be accused of a conflict of interest, I have endeavoured to abide by policies on verifiability, neutral perspective and original research, and to stick to facts sourced from reliable sources. I believe my edits have helped produce superior, more encyclopaedic articles; see, for instance 'Imperial War Museum' prior to my first edit and the current version. I declared my potential conflict of interest at the relevant noticeboard and the responses I received are copied on my talk page. If any fellow editor has concerns about my edits, please discuss them there. This remains a personal Wikipedia account, and any edits I make to topics of any kind are not reflective of any official position of the Imperial War Museum.

Thank you for reading.

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