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Hello, and welcome to my user page. I'm Danny Chia (no relation to the Malaysian golfer Danny Chia) in real life but usually go by Ixfd64 online. You can learn about me and my Wikipedia contributions here.

Wikipedia stuff[edit]

I first stumbled upon Wikipedia in 2002 while looking for information on QuakeC. Like many newbies, I vandalized the article after thinking the edit wouldn't go through. However, because I didn't know how to undo my own edit at the time, I decided to rewrite the article into a better version.

From then onwards, I've been creating and improving many articles. Having always believed that knowledge should be free, I started editing regularly before registering this account on December 14 of that year. I was later promoted to an administrator on September 21, 2005. Though I'm fairly busy in real life nowadays, I intend to continue improving the project in the years to come.

Wikipedia tasks[edit]

I'm most often involved in the following tasks:

Anonymous contributions[edit]

I edited anonymously under two IPs before registering:

Wikipedians I know in real life[edit]

I know a few fellow Wikipedians in person:

Other wikis[edit]

I also contribute to various other Wikimedia wikis and a few Wikia communities. You can see my Wikimedia contributions here.


I'm an Asian American dude from California. I can speak Mandarin fluently but cannot understand most Chinese characters — which is admittedly pretty embarrassing.

Education and work[edit]

Despite being born with autism, I was able to enter regular education through my efforts and the support of my parents. I finished my bachelor's degree in Engineering Science at the University of California, Berkeley in August 2009 before obtaining my master's degree in financial analysis from Saint Mary's College of California in December 2010. I'm currently a software engineer at Intel.


I'm interested in science and mathematics in general, but natural sciences, computer science and number theory are among my favorite subjects. I also like computer programming, particularly in Java, Python, R, Scheme and Visual Basic.

Other hobbies include computer and video games, lasers and fireworks. I enjoy many types of music, including techno, trance, classical, choral, video game and some new age. I also love to travel with my family — our favorite destinations are the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest.

Personal sites[edit]

Other stuff[edit]

Contacting me[edit]

You're always welcome to use my talk page. You may also contact me privately via the e-mail:

  • ixfd64 [at] gmail [dot] com
    • web form (requires Wikipedia account with confirmed e-mail)
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