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A fact from the article History of timekeeping devices in Egypt, which this user created or significantly contributed to, has been featured in the Did you know... section on the Main Page.

Gmail group

This list was created for other users on Gmail and the Google Talk network to show who else can be reached on Gmail. Add yourself here if you would like to be open to instant messaging through Google talk, creating more project-wide unity and allowing for more collaboration. Standard guidelines (such as WP:CIVIL) apply. This list is in no way official, and is really just a way to expand our Google talk contact list.

Add yourself using {{User4|username}}, whether or not you are a sysop. You are not required to list your email address, the User4 template includes a link to email you. If you would like to list your email, please use {{no spam|account|}}. Please also make sure you have turned on the ability for others to reach you via email if you have not provided your email here.

While some may understandably prefer not to display their email address onwiki (even though it's spam secure), others appreciate the mutual convenience of being directly available for a chat invitation without first having to exchange a "handshake" email.