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Ski le Gap

Based in #REDIRECT Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, Ski le Gap is the original ski and snowboard instructor training course, mainly aimed at British Gap Year Students. Celebrating its 16th year in 2009, the course has already trained over 2000 ski instructors, and is the only instructor course with a 100% pass rate for the C.S.I.A (Canadian Ski Instructor’s alliance) level 1 qualification.[1]


Ski le Gap was founded in 1994 by Beryl Puddifer, a former principal of a private British college with over 25 years of experience in organising trips for British students visiting Canada[2]. Working together with her daughter, Amelia, she has helped Ski le Gap to evolve from originally welcoming just a handful of students, to now offering both a 1 month intensive course and a 3 month supreme programme, with a combined annual total exceeding 200 ‘Gappers’.

Ski le Gap courses do not just offer skiing, but combine this skiing experience with trips to Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal and a night spent in a snow igloo. French lessons are now also part of the Ski le Gap course.

Award Winning Company

Ski le Gap has been honoured with both the 'Prix d'Or' and the prestigious 'Grand Prix' Québec business awards. For the past eight years, Ski le Gap has been recognised by the #REDIRECT Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing for their 'exemplary caring, support and initiative'. Ski le Gap is the main sponsor of the #REDIRECT ISCO magazine and has had articles in #REDIRECT The Independent, #REDIRECT The Daily Telegraph[3] and

Famous Participants

Ski le Gap has had many famous participants in its time, including notably #REDIRECT Alfie Allen, the brother of #REDIRECT Lily Allen and actor in his own right, as well as Sir #REDIRECT Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly Branson.