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J. Brad Hicks is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, and except for four years away at college and two years living full time in an RV, has lived there all his life. He self-identifies as a working-class intellectual. As of August 2006, he is 46 years old. Widely read, his interests include ancient Greece, countercultures, current events, the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft, Neopaganism, parties, politics, polyamory, and science fiction.

In 1982 he earned a Bachelor Arts in Mathematics/Computer Science from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. He most recently worked as a telecommunications fraud analyst, having previously worked as a stock clerk, an electrician, a teacher, a computer programmer, a LAN/WAN engineer, a consultant, president of a non-profit civil rights organization, a licenced professional security officer, a hotel detective, and a sole proprietor of a short-lived traveling special-event souvenir stand selling "mind machines."

A registered Democrat and occasional Democratic Party volunteer, his politics are best summarized as "left libertarian," equally suspicious of large-scale concentrations of power whether financial, corporate, or government.

Brad Hicks first achieved limited Internet notoriety as the original sysop of a FidoNet BBS called WeirdBase, the author of pro-Pagan propaganda pamphlets such as "A Little Less Misunderstanding," the developer of the original HyperCard case-change XFCNs, a past contributor to Telecom Digest, the author of the (former) Low BS Guide to St. Louis website, and past editor of the Mind Machine FAQ. He is currently working on a proposal for a book on history and theory of the idea of "forbidden lore."

J. Brad Hicks 21:38, 17 Jul 2004 (UTC)

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His most famous essays are Cost of Preaching Jesus' Gospel: $3,000,000 and Christians in the Hand of an Angry God.