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deDieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
sxu-4Dor Benutzor hior sprischt so dolle Sächs'sch als wäror aus Sachsn.
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af-3Hierdie gebruiker het 'n uitstekende begrip van Afrikaans.
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Ek ondersteun die Afrikaanse Wikipedia met my bydraes.

I support the Afrikaans language Wikipedia with my contributions.
Ich schreibe Beiträge für die deutschsprachige Wikipedia.

I support German language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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This is the userpage of SpesBona, formerly known as JCIV. My username is derived from Cape Town's motto Spes Bona (Latin for: "Good Hope"), borrowed from the Cape of Good Hope. I was born in Königs Wusterhausen and live near Berlin, Germany. I am an administrator and a bureaucrat at Afrikaans Wikipedia and also active at German Wikipedia. I am interested in astronomy, geography, history, politics and religion, I am also very interested in Southern Africa.

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