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Hello! My name is Josh Deitz. I am an undergraduate student studying at the University of California in Santa Barbara. I currently reside in Isla Vista, California. For those that don’t know, Isla Vista is arguably one of the most fun places to live in all of California. It is populated with about 20,000 college students all living within one square mile of each other. The fun doesn’t stop whether you want it to or not. When I am away from school, I live in the small town of Discovery Bay, California. Discovery Bay, in my opinion, is also arguably one of the most fun places to live in California. It is a unique place where all the houses are built on levees, with the California Delta in the backyard. In Discovery Bay, the back deck of a home has a ramp that leads down to a dock that rests on the water of the Delta. Each dock is outfitted with many different water vessels ranging from houseboats to jet skis. My family owns a Super Air Nautique ski boat and two stand-up jet skis. Summer days are filled with wakeboarding and jet skiing along with water trampolines and kayaks. I love the life I live, and I hope that my work on Wikipedia is a direct representation of that. Enjoy!