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About me[edit]

  • I think that Wikipedia is TRULY one of the most outstanding things on the internet. I *LOVE* it and enjoy spending countless hours voluntarily contributing to it and sharing my extensive knowledge of the performing arts. This is one of my favorite hobbies.
  • I have contributed an extensive gallery of photos for use in Wikipedia. I have had a request to post a link to them on this page. Here it is: JGKlein's Wikimedia Photo Gallery
  • When I was a kid, I would sit for hours and read the World Book Encyclopedia. Now I read Wikipedia for hours on end!
  • I am absolutely fascinated with films, TV, theater, and the performing arts. I love writing about them to provide accurate information for future historians. I formerly lived in Los Angeles and have met many people on the fringes of the film and TV business.
  • I have extensive chronic health problems, with many perplexing symptoms that for decades were not recognized by physicians as being related to Sjogren's syndrome. They brushed me off as being a hypochondriac, saying my symptoms were psychosomatic, and recommended psychiatric treatment and biofeedback. Persistence finally led me to a brilliant neurologist who diagnosed my medical mystery. I want to help prevent others from having to go through what I did by raising awareness of this potentially debilitating condition. I belong to a support group for it, and I hear many others describe exactly the same frustrations that I experienced with well-meaning but unenlightened doctors.