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I am a Finnish man in my early forties. I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Helsinki, only because I was too lazy to ever begin my Master's Thesis. I also have a full-time job as a computer programmer.

As well as Finnish culture, I like Star Trek and Transformers, which should be obvious from the contributions I've made.

There might be more to come later.

Condensed list of userboxes
This user is: male, straight, single, European, atheist, democratic, environmentalist, and a Scorpio.
This user: uses Linux, uses Firefox, does not play a musical instrument, does not play computer games, and cannot tie a tie.

Pages in my userspace[edit]

Countries I've been to[edit]

Flag of Finland.svg I live here.
Flag of Sweden.svg More times than I can count. With my family, on class trips, visiting people I know from the Internet...
Flag of Norway.svg Twice, both times with my family, to the Troms county in the north.
Flag of Denmark.svg Five times: Once on an Interrail trip. The visit consisted only of the Copenhagen railway station and a brief stroll outside it. Three times visiting my sister and her husband who lived there temporarily. Once for a convention.
Flag of Iceland.svg Once, on a tourist trip with my father.
Flag of Estonia.svg More times than I can count. With my family, on class trips, with my former job...
Flag of Latvia.svg Once, on a Christmas cruise.
Flag of Russia.svg Three times: on an art class field trip (it was still part of the Soviet Union back then), on a student trip, and visiting my relatives.
Flag of Germany.svg Maybe five or six times? Mostly with my family, but the last two trips were to CeBIT and BoundCon.
Flag of France.svg Three times, every time with my family.
Flag of Monaco.svg Once, with my family. We were there only a couple of hours, mainly to eat lunch.
Flag of Austria.svg Six times, first with my family, when I was very small, the other times have been to the World Bodypainting Festival.
Flag of Italy.svg Once, on a class trip.
Flag of Hungary.svg Maybe three or four times, with my family, when I was a child.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Three times, first on a class trip, the other times on my own. The last trip was to BotCon Europe.
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Once, on a tourist trip.
Flag of Poland.svg Once, on a tourist trip.
Flag of Spain.svg Once, on a tourist trip with my family.
Flag of Slovakia.svg Once, on a tourist trip.
Flag of Slovenia.svg Once, on a tourist trip.
Flag of Georgia.svg Once, with my family, when I was a very small child.
Flag of the United States.svg Once, with my family, when I was a child. This is the only time I've been outside Europe.

Hotel room numbers[edit]

Numbers of hotel rooms I've been in:

  • 1 - Alpen-Adria-Stadthotel in Klagenfurt, Austria. Hardly needs explanation.
  • 216 - A hotel in the centre of Jyväskylä, Finland. Six cubed.
  • 234 - Seibel's Park Hotel in Munich, Germany, when I visited BoundCon 2005. Consecutive digits from 2 to 4.
  • 402 - Viking Hotell in Tromsø, Norway. HTTP status code "Payment required".
  • 512 - The Yyteri spa hotel in Pori, Finland. Two to the ninth power, or eight cubed.
  • 3030 - Heathrow Marriott in London, UK, when I visited BotCon Europe 2002. The name of BraveStarr's horse/warrior companion.

People I've nominated for adminship[edit]

I do seem to (mostly) have a way of picking my candidates, don't I? =)

Random observations[edit]

ISO 5775[edit]

Now this is something new - I almost put a copyvio tag on an article that was created by its original copyright holder. Pretty embarrassing, isn't it?

My old schoolmate[edit]

I just found an article about one of my former schoolmates. All this time I had no idea he had become so famous.

Heard in a public sauna from a woman[edit]

"When talking to a man, it's good to say the word "naked" every once in a while."

Richard Clifton-Dey[edit]

For over a year and eight months, it seemed that a Wikipedia article claimed a man was both alive and dead.[1] [2]

Thousand pictures[edit]

  • 1000: A group of children in Kamppi Center
  • 2000: A wall painting at Kaisaniemi metro station
  • 3000: A body painted woman
  • 4000: My friend Heidi
  • 5000: Central Seeboden at night
  • 6000: A body painted woman
  • 7000: The Viking museum in Borg, Norway
  • 8000: Street scene at Itäkeskus
  • 9000: The Helsinki main post office at night
  • 10000: Two body painted women
  • 11000: A view of Lauttasaari
  • 12000: A children's playpark at Hietalahti
  • 13000. Street scene from Esplanadi
  • 14000: Street scene from Hietalahti in the morning
  • 15000: Two tied-up women
  • 16000: A tied-up woman
  • 17000: A female samba dancer
  • 18000: Three bikini-clad women
  • 19000: A body painted woman
  • 20000: View of central Millstatt
  • 21000: Face painters and their models
  • 22000: A body painted woman
  • 23000: Children preparing to participate in Katajanokan ympärijuoksu
  • 24000: An inner yard in Katajanokka
  • 25000: A female photography model
  • 26000: My cousin Anu's children
  • 27000: Street scene at Kamppi in the morning

Award gallery[edit]

Gaze in awe at the virtual awards I've gathered on the English Wikipedia.
Award count so far: 6

Your Stupid Award Was EATEN BY A BEAR! (from User:Karmafist)
A Barnstar!
The Editor's Barnstar

I hereby award you a barnstar for tirelessly defending the correct spelling of Finnish names. --Jannex 12:23, 27 March 2006 (UTC)
This editor is an Experienced and Established Editor, and is entitled to display this Experienced and Established Editor Badge (from User:Herostratus)

A Barnstar!
The Tireless Contributor Barnstar

For a very prolific and high-average editing career. Herostratus 19:34, 24 August 2006 (UTC)