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My personal disclaimer[edit]

Personal Opinion[edit]

All entries made by me are my own personal opinion and are protected by multiple federal and state laws, including the Constitution of the United States. No other entity, individual, government, or business are involved or in any other way connected to any statements of my personal opinion. In all entries, I am not stating any facts or making assertions of any kind, even if I explicitly claim otherwise.

If I phrase something as a fact, it is still only my personal opinion. For example, if I were to say, "1 foot is equal to 12 inches", what I really mean is, "based on what I've heard and/or concocted as a fantasy in my own brain, I THINK 1 foot is equal to 12 inches."

If I seem to be making a disparaging remark of any kind, such remarks should NOT be construed as anything more than my own personal opinion. For example, if I were to say, "Hillary Clinton is a communist.", what I really mean is, "based on what I've heard and/or concocted as a fantasy in my own brain, I THINK Hillary Clinton is a communist."

If there is ever any doubt, every statement or concept in every single one of my entries, whether in Talk or otherwise, should be interpreted as having an implied but "silent", I THINK prefixed.

Personal Identification[edit]

I hereby rescind, revoke, deny, and prohibit any use or past permission to use my real name or any other information that MIGHT be considered to be personally identifiable or could be used to acquire such information.

Personal Identification Exemption[edit]

(Added August 10, 2007) This includes making any reference to any other web site where I have not previously made an explicit connection between my identification on that site and my identification on Wikipedia. In such a case, no use of identifying information beyond that explicitly prescribed on Wikipedia or the other site is authorized.

All Other Rights Reserved[edit]

All other rights and privileges afforded me as an individual that have not been expressed in my disclaimer remain reserved by me, and me alone.

Personal Plea[edit]

Please don't sue me. I will defend with all I can, your right to disagree with me and anything I say, and I hope and pray you do the same for me. But if you won't defend my right, I beg that at least you stop short of sueing me, or attempting to cause harm to me or my family.


My contributions are not what I would have expected, but after thinking about it, it's probably more a sign of the relative stability of the article and not my interest.

My To Do list[edit]