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I'm a PhD student, doing pure maths in Newcastle, Australia. I have a bachelor's degree in science and honours in pure maths which I did in Tasmania, where I was born. I also studied quite a bit of physics, and started my studies with electrical engineering for two-and-a-half years. I taught at a school in Thailand between my doctorate and honours.

My most significant contributions to Wikipedia are photographs. I'm not currently very active in that regard, however. I joined Wikipedia on 19 August 2006, mostly to make some experimental edits for a school essay about Wikipedia and how it operated. I think my first article was Diffusion (acoustics).

I'm 29, and was born in April 1989. I make minor edits where appropriate for whatever I read about. I occasionally expand articles, and have written around 5 DYKs. I like riding my bike and birdwatching. Wikimedia Australia has generously supported my work in the form of a number of small grants and travel grants.

Please send me an email if you have questions about using my work. Commercial use of my images is allowed under their respective licences, so long as the conditions of those licences are met.

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I've taken 303 featured pictures. The 15 most recent are shown here. A full featured picture gallery is here. My recent uploads can be found in my gallery.