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Interests include urban, financial, military and art history... and taking a bite out of crime.

That last bit about crime was actually added by, an early visitor apparently displeased with my speedy tagging of Soup and Sandwich. Oh brave and wise, you know me better than I know myself.

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Notes to self

I need this kind of thing. Memory going and all that. I'm not quite as young as my colleague BPRoy below.

Articles to create (if I can do the research)

Articles I'd like to add to (if I get motivated)

Articles to copyedit (if I feel the urge)

Articles with mistakes needing correction (if I find the time)

Great moments on my user page: messages from BPRoy

Hey JJay! Do you get some kind of rush by criticizing me? Do you like deleting every bit of information that I contribute. Please respond i mean no disrespect. (BPRoy)

Call me crazy JJay, but I'm getting the slightest feeling that you don't like me. Keep in mind, Dispite the fact that I've written some fake articles, I've contributed a lot of good information to this site. So to some degree, respect to this site is much of what I give. The fact that you don't agree with some of my articles doesn't mean you can undermind me into submission. What you are doing to me, a contributer to this site, is also an act of disrespect to this site. Sorry about my "sock puppet" activities on my AFD page, but I must defend my work against people who believe that an 18 year old cannot contribute to this site and constantly criticize me and my efforts to expand the general knowlage of this site. Wikipedia needs age diversity to cover more topics. You are an important contributer to urban, finacial, millitary and art history, something only years of expertise can provide, however my contributions, such as the term "Loser Car" are things that can only be learned by being a member of teenage and college- age society. I mean no disrespect, but please let me contribute my knowlage as you are able to contribute yours. By the way my AFD page for loser car isn't my pesonal chat page. I do have a user site. Signed BPRoy

Hey JJay! I don't give a god damn about your opinions or your vote. How's 'bout you just read and write articles that only intrest you and I'll do the same. By the way, I've read disscussions in a few of your other articles and they show that you seem to be causing headaches for a lot of people on wikipedia. Don't Give me one of my own!

I award you this barnstar for your great work at catching microentries that should be speedied. (Drini, 15:38, 13 October 2005 (UTC))

3nd AFD nom for List of Battlefield 1942 mods

You may be interested in the List of Battlefield 1942 mods AFD. Bfelite 14:07, 15 June 2006 (UTC)