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This bot has four active approved tasks:

  1. Removing stale under-construction templates
  2. Removing orphan templates from articles that are not orphans
  3. Generating listing of recognized content
  4. Generating journal citation statistics

It is written in Perl using the MediaWiki::API framework and Python using the mwclient framework.

The source code is maintained on GitHub

Stale Under-Construction & In-Use Templates[edit]

It is not uncommon for under-construction and in-use templates to be applied to an article and the article be "abandoned" by the tagger.

This bot will check articles that include article under-construction and in-use templates (as well as their associated redirects) for the time stamp of the last edit. If the last edit was more than 7 days ago for under-construction templates or 1 day for in-use templates, it removes the template. These templates currently include:

It does not search the article history to see when the template was actually added. If an article is actively being edited, it leaves it to the article editors to decide if the template is still needed.

Non-Applicable Orphan Templates[edit]

The bot will check articles tagged as orphans (article with no incoming links from other articles). If the article has more than 4 article links (defined as main namespace minus named disambig pages [those with (disambig), (disambiguation), (name), (surname) in the title] minus the pseudo-namespaces [those starting with CAT:, MOS:, P:, & Transwiki:] minus lists [those starting with "List of" and "YYYY(s) in"]), it removes the template as it's no longer applicable.

Recognized Content[edit]

The bot generates a listing of recognized content for subscribing WikiProjects. The listing is controlled by the User:JL-Bot/Project content template. See that template for more description.

Citation Statistics[edit]

The bot generates citation statistics for WP:JCW and WP:MCW.