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Name Jade Louise Mortimer
Born Kingston upon Hull
Nationality British
Country  United Kingdom
Current location Kingston upon Hull
Time zone London
Handedness right
Education and employment
Occupation Sales Assistant
Education BA (Hons) Design for Digital Media. University of Hull, Scarborough Campus.
Contact info
Facebook jade.l.mortimer
Account statistics
First edit Mar 07, 2014

About Me[edit]

Hey im Jade

I am a Female in my early twenties from Kingston upon Hull. I have lived in Hull all of my life and it is somewhere I am proud to call home. My personal interests could be said to be quite typical of my age group, but I don’t mind them been typical! I enjoy socialising with friends on a regular basis; Drinks and food are the norm when it comes to socialising. Shopping is a huge part of who I am, I am often using my free time to pop into town and search for new products that belong in my wardrobe; unproductive I know!


I have huge interest in the Media industry. It is something that I have been interested in from a young age although my interest in the industry was very broad. Over the years I have studied media in different forms, allowing me to choose what aspect of the media industry I would like to study.
The secondary school I attended was Kingswood College of Arts.this is where my interests in media blossomed. I studied Media Studies gaining a BTEC First Diploma gaining four grade B GCSE.
Within this time I had the opportunity to work within my local newspaper Hull Daily Mail, shadowing journalists and producing my own articles; an amazing opportunity I was lucky to be involved in.
Following on from Secondary school I decided to go into Further education at Hull College undertaking a course called BTEC First Diploma in Media Production, Television & Film. A little different to what I studied in secondary school but I was able to make the decision of what I would like to study atUniversity.
In the present day I am a current student studying at the University of Hull , Scarborough Campus. BA Design for Digital Media is the course I have chosen to study and I am now in my third and final year. So far in my course I have encountered many different platforms of software, allowing me to explore and create different elements of Design and production pieces.
I have gained knowledge of dissimilar things such as Web design, Animation, Video production, Autodesk Maya and many more subjects whilst on my university course.


The assignment i have been given is to create/and or edit a Wikipedia article. When i first received this assignment i thought wow how easy! How i was so so wrong.This is the second time that I will have edited a Wikipedia article ,my first edit last year was on the Computer animation page.
Internet addiction disorder Is the article I have chose to review for my assignment , I will be working alongside a fellow students Clara Roper, Amos Francis, Sarah Mckinley and Tom Leeand we will be looking at the article in detail and exploring routes we can go down to edit, improve and maybe change text within the article.
Like i have already said, i am still fairly new to the world of Wiki and am still currently learning new ways of doing things all the time. I may get a few things wrong and would be grateful if anyone wants to point mistakes out to me.I will be asking questions and try to join in on Talk Pages as well as trying to connect with other Wikipedians. I feel like i may learn new things here and am excited to what i am going to discover. =D

I am currently creating a new sub heading for the internet addiction disorder page. I am currently creating this sub-heading of Cyber-Relationship Addiction within my sandbox , feel free to check out my sandbox and any suggestions would be very appreciated.