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WestCom GmbH was a German recording company that operated the labels Off Beat, Visage Records and other labels.

Company History[edit]

In addition to WestCom, its owner also operates NovaTekk and Euromedia. Headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

In 1999 Stefan Herwig, A&R manager at Off Beat, left the company over differences in promotion, to join forces with Eskil Simonsson (Covenant), Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando), Bryan Erickson (Velvet Acid Christ) and Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) to form a new label, Dependent (which opened January 1999[1]). When he left, most artists switched to the new label, effectively shutting down WestCom[2].


Off Beat[edit]

[[Image:Off Beat (label logo).gif|right]] Off Beat was a label specialized in electronic music with industrial and experimental rhythmic features.

Originally the catalog numbering followed the codes issued by its distributor SPV GmbH (like SPV 085-22292 for Front Line Assembly's 1995 album Hard Wired). Around 1996 the label started its own format, starting with a capital O followed by the release number. Previous releases were attributed numbers, that were added to the artwork in reprints[3].

Among the artists that were released through Off Beat are Front Line Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Mentallo & The Fixer, Download, Suicide Commando, and Haujobb among others.

Visage Records[edit]

Visage was a label specialized in synthpop.

Aside from several European synthpop bands as Elegant Machinery and The Northern Territories, it was responsible for the Vis-à-Vis series of compilation albums.


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