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My interest in Wikipedia (beyond reading articles) began in 2006. I began to learn how Wikipedia works from the inside around then, but since I was ten years old it took a while to be more "fully" knowledgeable with regard to how this all works. This account is from 2009 (I had an embarrassing one before that won't be mentioned, dating from late 2006), and I've had rollback rights since 2009 as well.

I primarily revert vandalism and preform small edits, with an on and off interest in internal affairs and article creation. I also frequently do new page patrol and welcome new users.

Personal Info[edit]

I'm a twenty year old from South Florida, and have a fairly diverse group of interests. I love writing and journaling, history (all times and places, but primarily Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe throughout all time periods), politics, and the study of religion, particularly Christianity and Judaism. I converted to Christianity when I was seventeen years old, and identify as a theologically conservative Reformed Baptist.

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