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I am an Australian from Sydney, who has in recent years lived in London, United Kingdom.

My other interests include mathematics, vexillology, cricket and football.


I have made 3,000 edits in my first year contributing to Wikipedia, but I haven't done anything particularly spectacular.

I'm glad to have worked on the following featured article: Flag of Australia.

I have also written a large part of the following, most of which are either longish stubs or quite short articles:

These articles have been restructured/rewritten by me:

Blnguyen kindly nominated me to be an administrator; as a result I was given sysop rights on 5 September 2006. You can review my actions and contributions, or leave me a message, using the following links: talkcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoves.

Nice things[edit]

I hereby award JPD a barnstar for his diligence and excellent work on the suburbs of Sydney. --
Nickj (t) 06:32, 14 September 2005 (UTC)