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An unusual number of countries have flags whose colors consist only of red, white and blue. For some, this is obvious (Australia's flag is based on the flag of the U.K., for example) while for others there seems to be no relation. Here is a biased list of countries that sport more-or-less original designs, composed according to the following rules:

  1. The flag must be based on fields that are red, white or blue (and it must include all three colors), but it may include details (like a heraldic weapon) in other colors.
  2. Flags based on other flags (like Australia and various territorial flags) don't count. "Based" here means a clear visual inspiration: it could be claimed that the U.S. flag is "based" on the U.K. flag in its choice of colors, but that doesn't count, as the Stars and Stripes does not bear any other relationship to the Union Flag. (There are claims that the U.S. flag was based on a flag used by British merchants, but this is by no means undisputed.) On the other hand, the Liberian flag is an obvious tribute to the U.S. flag. Dubious cases like Chile (certainly not based on the flag of Texas, despite the similarity, but quite possibly based on the U.S. flag) are given the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Even if they're not clearly visually similar, territorial flags (like American Samoa) don't count.



Australia Flag of
Cambodia Flag of
Chile Flag of
Costa Rica Flag of
Croatia Flag of
Cuba Flag of
Czech Republic Flag of
Dominican Republic Flag of
Faroe Islands Flag of
France Flag of
Iceland Flag of
North Korea Flag of
Laos Flag of
Liberia Flag of
Luxembourg Flag of
Nepal Flag of
Netherlands Flag of
New Zealand Flag of
Norway Flag of
Panama Flag of
Paraguay Flag of
Puerto Rico Flag of
Russia Flag of
Samoa Flag of
Serbia and Montenegro Flag of
Slovakia Flag of
Slovenia Flag of
Taiwan Flag of
Thailand Flag of
United Kingdom Flag of
United States Flag of