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I probably belong in the category of the elderly Wikipedian software developer having started Fortran programming at University in 1966 whilst studying Physics. I subsequently worked on Naval training, maritime aircraft radar systems, radar detection (ESM) and digital mapping. As work included Helicopter trials in the English Channel, I had the dubious privilege of the Royal Navy helicopter crash survival course which gave a lot of information about sea temperatures and survival -and practical experience of being dropped in water and having to swim at 10C! I particularly like older shipwrecks. They don't get offended easily, don't stick an oar in where its not wanted and no shipwreck has ever been known to edit its own profile.

When the Cold War ended, the most interesting tasks involved safety systems and I spent a year studying MAIB reports into shipping disasters. I also wrote up my father's WW2 experience as a radiographer at Malta and Dunkirk, best described as being in the wrong place, reluctantly, and at the wrong time! I later submitted these to the WW2 Peoples war and several were featured as the day's top story. My father later worked at the Birmingham Accident Hospital and a 2 month spell there as a student meant I learnt the names, faces and reputations of some of the leading specialists.

I've also contributed to a number of major articles on Venture Capitalism and pensions in Sunday newspapers and have a reasonable working knowledge of English Libel Law.
From 2003-2007, I was involved in a major political campaign on pensions and had 3 invitations to debate the issues live on BBC television's Politics show with an opposing MP. Although I am a member of one of the 3 main parties, I edit political profiles with intent to ensure they are fully compliant with WP:BLP AND that their side of the story is given -including subsequent follow up. I hope my political party cannot be determined from my edits.

Hobbies include chess, which I played at County level in my youth, I try to keep fit as I'm a fan of Judit Polgár, and I know her sister Zsuzsa has yet to beat a healthy man!

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