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I'd been reading Wikipedia for a while, and started to make the occasional edit when I thought I had something to contribute. So I thought I might as well have a username.

My interests tend to be eclectic (or should that be obscure?), so I'm likely to work on a variety of articles – anything that interests me really – including (but not limited to): classical music; UK politics; architecture; and anything related to life in the United Kingdom.

Please feel free to leave me a message: if it's about Wikipedia and isn't confidential, it's best to do this on my talk page rather than sending an e-mail.

My notebook[edit]

I have created a page I have called a "notebook" where I can put reminders of how to do useful things and links to Wikipedia help pages I consult regularly. I guess this is usually called a sandbox on Wikipedia; but that sounds like an Americanised term, and sandpit just sounds silly!


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