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J.T. Burman is my real name. I believe in transparency in editing and accept responsibility for my contributions. If I made a mistake, I will do my best to fix it. If I pissed you off, I'm sorry.

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Current Status[edit]

I working to complete my PhD in the history and theory of psychology at York University. I teach introductory and advanced developmental psychology at the undergraduate level.


I am a graduate student, with previous degrees in Psychology from the University of Toronto and Interdisciplinary Studies (specializing in history, history of biology, and history of psychology) from York University. My current research focuses on Jean Piaget and the history of developmental psychology, as well as on how we understand scientific research (e.g., knowledge translation, public understanding of science, etc.). I also have an interest in systems approaches to the assessment of intelligence. I can read French, and have published translations, although I do not speak it as well as I would like.


I think of myself as "informed" and "interested." According to the Political Compass, I am Moderately Left (|5.25| out of |10|) and Moderately Libertarian (|6.26| out of |10|). I suspect that this means that I'm willing to consider most any argument, so long as it's well-defended and its implications aren't inflicted on anyone without adequate care and reflection.


Although I am currently reworking this section, I still welcome constructive criticism. If you have some, however, please understand that I may not be able to respond immediately: my school schedule sometimes prevents me from returning mail as quickly as I would like.

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