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To contact me, please leave a message on my talk page. I will disregard any other attempts to contact me.

If you are reading this, I do not know how you found me.[edit]

I have tried to avoid you, but must have failed. However, now that you are here, Welcome! They call me Jordan Green, but my real name is actually Jordan Green. Feel free to call me Jordan, although Mr. Green, Jordan Green, or The Match are acceptable. Feel free to insult me at any time, but constructive critisim is prefered. This user would like to point out that he was never welcomed... sniff... sniff. (actually I just noticed a welcome on my talk page from January and it's now September. I need to pay better attention to my talk page...)

'bout me[edit]

I am a Theatre Major emphasising in Lighting Design at Concordia College, Moorhead. Durring the summer months I work for the Grand Forks Public District's Summer Performing Arts Company (Known as SPA). I graduated in 2006 from Red River High School in Grand Forks with honors. In 2005 I became an Eagle Scout after years of procrasionating. My two passions are Theatre and Outdoors, and unfortunatly, they interfere with each ohter often. My most recent expedion is to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and have been to Isle Royale National Park, Philmont Scout Ranch, and the Cloquet River in northeastern Minnesota. This summer I am planning a hiking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail in northeast Minnesota.


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This user would like to thank KeepOnTruckin for the new technical theatre UBX!