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Many gracious thank you's for the excellent idea regarding the Ascii diagram at Electricity distribution. Your suggestion to use an <ImageMap>, will enable us to click on objects within the image and link to the appropriate article. The sample image map on the right shows the usefullness of your idea. Simply click on a person in the picture and the browser loads the appropriate article. CyclePat (talk) 18:04, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

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A heavy contributor to Commons and other wikia under an assumed name, most interested in service in collaborative contexts. Focused on Energy and economics policy- specifically as it applies to New Zealand. Retired technology guy- Married with 6 children (all under 9-15 Years old). Awarded several patents some of which were employed in major (multi million customer) products. More background here

This is my real world identity account. I'm still uncertain whether this is a very good idea, but due to my work on politically oriented articles in 2008, I felt at the time it was fair to be transparent about who I am. Anyway, I see no need to use my assumed name account anymore, but neither do I intend to make it public nor will I engage in sock puppetry. If there are any suspicions of such, I would be happy to inform an admin assigned in a dispute resolution so there would be no question.

Favorite quotes[edit]

  • Favorite Quotes:
    • 'Discovery commences with the awareness of anomaly' -Thomas Kuhn

    • 'If you want to create change in an organization, look for where the change already exists as an insurgent activity and then provide the insurgents with resources.' -Jonathan Cole

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