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My Commons page

I'm a chemical engineer turned software consultant turned scientist turned medical student. I grew up in rural southern Ohio, and spent 10 years or so in beautiful California. I later worked as an independent software consultant in the United Kingdom, including about a year in London. What an amazing, wonderful city! Recently, I graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Molecular Genetics and completed a study uncovering GenX pollution in Appalachian Ohio. Now, I'm beginning a new career, entering the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College to become a doctor.

On Wikipedia[edit]


I'm less active these days, but still check in on a regular basis.

Some of my contributions before my new role include:

Disambiguation, disambiguation, and still more disambiguation. I've focused most of my Toolserver work to the Disambiguation pages with links project, culminating in the Monthly Dab Challenge, a friendly contest to see who can fix the most disambig links in a month. The contest has been a huge success, greatly reducing the number of links to disambiguation pages. It is my conviction that we can overcome this huge backlog - eventually.

Vandal fighting, using a cocktail of Huggle, Twinkle, and popups to battle the swarm.

Contributing to Wikiproject Chemicals, creating SVGs of chemical structures from suggestions at Chemical images that should be in SVG format. My favorite work, Apamin (a component in bee venom), is to the right.

New River Gorge Bridge.jpg

Taking photos for Wikipedia articles, usually images of large buildings or bridges that need to be stitched into a panorama. I use a Canon EOS 20D, stitch my panoramas using PTGui, and clean them up in Photoshop CS3. You can see some of my favorite contributions on my Commons page. To the left is the New River Gorge Bridge - a picture that earned featured status for Wikipedia.

On Tool Labs[edit]

I am also a developer for Tool Labs, which is a lot of fun. Here's my released tools:

  • Disambiguation project
  • Uncategorized Articles Project
  • Uncategorized articles - Lists all uncategorized articles, including articles that link only to redlink categories. Hidden categories are ignored. Updated daily.
  • Untagged uncategorized articles - List of up to 5000 untagged uncategorized articles that can be updated on command. Also offers a bot-friendly article list generator.
  • Categorized articles - Articles are tagged as uncategorized but do have at least one non-hidden category. Updated daily.
  • Move patrol
  • Move watch - Moves grouped by user within the last 24 hours, day, or week. Updated hourly.
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