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I am Jason Blair, but not THE Jayson Blair. Grew up in Mount Carmel, IL, but currently live in Indianapolis, IN. Interests include Adult Swim, Radiohead, Fark, and Douglas Adams.

I graduated from Vincennes University in 2000 with an Associate Degree in Pre-Chemical engineering. The degree was more chemistry than engineering, so I can't help you much with your separating column. I do get to work around carbonating systems, blending systems, and a water treatment plant at work though, so all is not in vain. Occasionally they let me drive the fork lift too.


  • My daughter Eris Olive was born on November 9, 2006. Yes, I named my daughter after the Greek goddess of Chaos and a green/black, slightly bitter fruit. You wanna fight about it?
  • Currently a POEE Pope. My official Pope name is Iason Ouabache the Obscure. You may now kiss my ring.
  • I have the uncanny ability to go from any Wikipedia article to Robert Anton Wilson in five links or less.
  • It is currently 20:57 on July 23, 2017. Do you know where your children are???