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I am a visual artist and infornographer. I work in the giant Projection screen that covers us all; the powerful infinite Multi-monitor; an extended version of The Land of Make Believe.

I was born on a hot, spring day in the city of Mérida, Yucatán and couldn’t fit in the cradles for newborns because I was too big for them. Ever since, I have been very tall, but I’ve also had a hard time fitting in the most standardized part of society. With my perception of the world being a bit different because of family background and my position as an outsider, I therefore gradually evolved from a tall baby to a nerdy bullied boy scout -who watched a lot of XHGC-TV-; and then, into an angry teenage geek of many sorts (infornography, anime, sci-fi, roleplaying, horror, internet, conspiracy theory, comics, occult, etc.), always trying to get a hold of something I cannot even name yet but I know is there somewhere, always with me, always propelling me to keep chasing for it and to go forward. As a grown-up settling into visual arts as a profession, I am still trying to make sense of all the glossolalia and automatic writing I put into my art. I find poetry to be a very righteous end.

Jacinto Quesnel (aka JacintoXico or Jhas777) is a Visual Artist located in Mexico City.


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