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The notability of webcomics has often been a heated debate. However, rather then just go around and try and get every webcomic article up for deletion, I propose some general guidelines for which webcomics make notable articles.

This is a basic outline for these guidelines, yet please feel free to share your feelings, and add changes to the guidelines, to put together some good guidelines. If you have any more examples you feel are good to add, please add extra examples in its category.

Basics of webcomic notability[edit]

I believe one of the most important things to remember is that Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia, thus there is no reason to be extremely strict about only having articles about million-dollar enterprises. When something——in this case a webcomic——has settled itself firmly and it's there to stay, it can be considered notable enough for an article.

Categories of notability[edit]

Well-known webcomics[edit]

When a webcomic gains a certain amount of fame, its notability speaks for itself. These webcomics are often also established webcomics, yet if a webcomic gains such status early in its life, it should not be disregarded. These are often the webcomics that are mentioned in articles in the traditional media about webcomics, or webcomics that define a new genre.


Established webcomics[edit]

When a webcomic is at least two years old, and regularly updates, it could be said it has established itself well enough to be defined as notable.


  • A webcomic should be around for 5 years
  • It should update at least once a week, unless there's a good reason not to
  • Regular updates are most important. If the webcomic updates very inregularly, (sometimes once a week, then nothing for 3 weeks) it is better not to accept as an article, because its continuation is not ensured. The update behaviour of the webcomic at the current moment is what matters, much more then just the history.


Published webcomics[edit]

When a webcomic has published comic books or graphic novel trade paperbacks, it can be considered notable. These webcomics are often also established webcomics, yet if a webcomic comes to the point of publishing a book early in its life, it should not be disregarded.


Awarded or featured webcomics[edit]

This would come back to Wikipedia:Verifiability. When a webcomic has been awarded (or nominated for multiple awards), or has been featured by a notable source, it may be considered notable.


  • A webcomic has been awarded for a notable (webcomic) award or
  • A webcomic has gotten at least 3 nominations for a notable (webcomic) award or
  • A webcomic has been featured by at least 3 notable sources or
  • A webcomic has been featured in Joystiq's Weekly Webcomic Wrapup for at least 20 times