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Me (on the right) with Voice Actor Billy West

Jack Cox (Born November 20, 1987 in Manhattan, New York) is a graduate of Humber College in the Radio Broadcasting Program, he holds a diploma in General Arts and Sciences from Sheridan College .

A Profile[edit]

Born in New York City but raised in Oakville, Ontario, He attended Thomas A. Blakelock High School in Oakville, Ontario and graduated in 2005. He holds a diploma from Sheridan College for General Arts and Sciences as well as a diploma from Humber College in Radio Broadcasting. He is on the autism spectrum.

He first got involved and interested in politics after taking a High School History Class in late 2003 and decided to learn more on his own time. He eventually got into politics and learned quickly a lot of the issues surrounding the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election. He was a Howard Dean supporter for the Democratic Party, switching to John Kerry after he had won the nomination. In 2008, he was an early supporter of Barack Obama and supported him in his re-election efforts in 2012. Cox is a dual citizen.

Cox is opposed to extreme conservatism, He believes it is "scary and frightening that certain people try to force their own personal religious views on us", he believes that "people are entitled to their opinion, but I hope people would focus more on economic matters." A member of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada as well as a member of the Ontario Liberal Party, Cox is not an ideologue stating that he is willing to listen to anyone's views on a subject because to him he truly cares about finding a solution to satisfy everybody. He holds semi-conservative views on fiscal policy and is a staunch social liberal, he is pro-choice though has stated that while he believes abortion is morally wrong, a woman's right to choose must be allowed as he fears that unsafe and dangerous back alley abortions will happen unless a woman's right to choose is upheld. He is also very supportive of Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Rights issues.

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