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Hi, I'm Jacker 22. Um...I might add more to this page later.

Why is my name Jacker 22? Well...that's a long story (as most stories are). MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excuse me. Hehehe...Ok, I'm done. Well, that was sort of...odd.

Tomorrow the zoo, the day after the day after the day after tomorrow...THE MUD PUDDLE OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (This was added when I was very hyper and going to the zoo the next day)


I actually created some userboxes!

Werewolf Userbox

Half-Vampire Userbox

Succeeding at Being Smart Userbox

Failing at Being Smart Userbox

No Idea Userbox

Mahoujin Guru Guru Userbox!

Mahoraba Heartful Days Userbox!

Made Because of NeonWolf Userbox

Kirby Userbox...Yay...Kirby :D

A Student Userbox

Z Student Userbox :P

Laughing Manaically Userbox

Flyff Userbox :D

No Gender Userbox! :D


I wanted to put some quotes that I liked well as try out here they are! I now also have another subpage.

User:Jacker 22/Quotes

User:Jacker 22/Signatures