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My name is Jack Liddle. I am a graduate student at Oxford University studying Theoretical Physics.

See my webpage at

A general point to wikipedians: please log in with a user id and please give a comment on your edits. Anonymous edits (IPs) with no comments are more than frequently vandalism.

Also, when creating links:

  • Make sure that's actually where the link should go; follow any dis-ambiguation if need. Just because a band has an album called, say, saucepan, then in the list of albums don't link to that page - link to _(album) instead.
  • Also, don't link to every single word possible. It doesn't add any meaning to the sentence, but just confuses things. Especially if some of the links go to completely irrelevant pages.

Works in progess[edit]

/Metropolis algorithm
The simpler case of the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm which I have never used or heard talk about. Metropolis is a widely used algorithm in the Monte Carlo method and lattice gauge theory
Will live in this sub-page until I get enough to post it

Articles I intend to do[edit]

lattice gauge theory
Needs quite a bit of work I think. Should be dis-entangled from the redirect QCD lattice model which I believe should be a seperate article
Wilson fermions
Staggered fermions
Such that they can be talked about in the QCD lattice model article

Articles to which I contributed[edit]


Bells on Sunday
Exodus (band)
Transnistrian ruble
Djemaa el Fna
Sabbat (Japanese band)
Robert Thistlethwayte

Significant contributions[edit]


Articles to which I might add[edit]

Anthrax (band)

Not much here at all
Got the Time (Joe Jackson - original version)

Rupert Bear

Rupert history
More Rupert history
Rupert on BBC
YA article on Rupert at the BBC

Church burning Nothing on this peculiar scandinavian occurence

BBC Radio 4[edit]

Looks like a lot of BBC radio station pages are shaky

Lots of dodgy sub-pages
thought for the day Not even written. Mentions Lionel Blue other presenter
bells on sunday When did it start?
Farming Today Nothing