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Jacob Haller is one of my pen names (and my only Wikipedia name/account).


Some users have criticized my use of sources. So here is my approach:

  1. Play it by year. No fixed rules can address every issue.
  2. I try to use the best readily-available sources, time permitting.
  3. I may second-guess troop numbers in military history articles. I consider demographics, supply, road-space, frontage, and similar constraints, and generally push for lower numbers.
  4. I may second-guess crowd sizes in protest history articles. I believe that the length of a march, the area of a rally, etc. are more trustworthy than numbers without explanations.
  5. I try not to second-guess how people describe and label their beliefs, except for truth-tags (Mine is Orthodox! Mine is Scientific! and so on) or their own second thoughts.
  6. I never cite dictionary definitions.

In particular, Benjamin Tucker repeatedly describes himself as a socialist, and many contemporary socialists agreed with his self-description, so his self-description trumps later second-guessing, and later denials that Tucker and some other individualist anarchists were socialist anarchists as well.