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  • "The Atlanta dirty bird HIMSELF, illegal in 3 states, the sexiest mug this side of the Mississippi River, known for swangin bangin and holdin grain like a vice grip, hailing from North Oldham High, has broken the hearts of many young Kentucky women for over 2 decades and currently holds the record for most consistent days of being a thug nasty mark ass trick ass boss status play boy balla from the south, he drinks surge...with no ice bitches."
                                                          -Gregory Wesley Younkie

Joseph Alan Condict, otherwise known as Joey, enjoys many many things. Of such enjoyments, these include, but does not exclude, the following:

Joseph Alan Condict also has several interests. Of such interests and loves include:

  1. family
  2. being nice to people
  3. tasting beers from around the world
  4. travel
  5. education
  6. the navy
  7. guitar
  8. drums
  9. poetry
  10. science


  • Psychology


  • Political Science


  • Creativity. I prefer using sarcasm and alliteration when I can. I try to entertain my audience. I also try to be very concise.


  • I understand the importance of clear and constructive communication in order collaborate effectively. I always help to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows their role, even providing help if needed.


  • Proficient use with Microsoft Office programs.