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I have deleted all references to my publications on the subject.


Because I do no appreciate being associated with prime nut cases such as Sergei Rjabchikov and Lorena Bettocchi, who, further, have been swamping this article with their self-sung paeans. "Professor" Bettocchi indeed! A one-time school teacher calling herself "Professor"! And Rjabchikov, the kook who deciphered the Phaistos Disk (it's written in Old Slavonic, did you know?). What next? Why not replace it all by Kookus Maximus Barry Fell's decipherment of the rongorongo, uh? Yes, he has deciphered them. Of course: he's deciphered everything. Hey, why not? Come on, all kooks out there, at it!

Editors, you have a choice: either you clean up your act or you leave me and (I am "Anonymous") out this sorry farce.

Should I see my name put back again in the midst of those clowns, I will insert a warning in