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Saraswati; the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature

Hi, I am Tamravidhir! Welcome to my user page. If you wish to know who I am and what I do (that is to say, if you want to know about me) then you are always welcome to go through this page; all you need to do is to scroll down and read! If you wanna talk to me then you may leave a message on my talk page.

[P.S. - My user page has been inspired by that of Moonriddengirl and Yunshui. I love their user pages. Go have a look; they are lovely.]

A short intro[edit]

This editor is a Veteran Editor and is entitled to display this Iron Editor Star.

It was the Christmas Eve of 2011, when I joined Wikipedia. I still remember why I ended up creating my account that day. The purpose was primarily to add some information to the article, Meera. And from then on I started editing madly and literally got addicted to it. Cut to a few months later, when I created my first article and finally in late May 2012 I changed my nom de plume from Jagadhatri to Tamravidhir (yes, this present one). I was also granted the rollback rights in early 2012 and for the first time (in the same year) I promoted an article to the Good Article (GA) status; the article on the Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad. I cherish all these moments and as I had nothing much to do in May that year I edited so much that my edit count for that particular moth crossed the 2,000 mark. And as of yet I have not been able to break this record. Although all the contributions under my former pseudonym were merged with those I have made under the present, I still have some contributions under the former pseudonym. However, nowadays I generally edit under the nom de plume Tamravidhir and not under Jagadhatri. Today if my edit count is concerned then I may be entitled to display the Iron Editor star of the Veteran Editor” (which I actually do :P; just see on your right) but I actually don’t consider myself to be a veteran. I still have a lot (a lot) to learn. And I have been extensively helped by my fellow Wikipedians in the process and I always welcome the suggestions of my fellow editors. I often also keep pestering many of them for help and every time whenever I require any help from them they never fail to stretch out their hand of help.

That’s my name![edit]

An idol of Jagadhatri in Kolkata, during Jagadhatri puja

No no! I’m not going to talk about the song "That’s My Name" by Akcent, rather I will be talking about my name. Not my name actually, rather my nom de plume; my pseudonym. I can’t recount why I chose the name “Jagadhatri” when I joined Wikipedia but Jagadhatri is actually the name of a Hindu goddess and the possible reason why I chose this name is that Jagadhatri puja had just passed by when I created this account. Jagadhatri literally means “mother of the universe” or “mother of the earth” and I often, while typing this name, make an error. I end up typing it with a “j” instead of that “h”, making the spelling Jagadjatri instead of Jagadhatri.

Later, realising that this name was too common I chose to change my name. I also no longer wished my nom de plume to be the name of any god or goddess (although I love the names of the Hindu, Buddhists, Greek and Roman gods and goddesses). Thus, I switched from "Jagadhatri' to “Tamravidhir”. If to mention then there is no such name or word as Tamravidhir. It has actually been coined by me. Although there are words such as “taamra”, sometimes written as "tamra" (meaning copper) and “vidhi” (having multiple meanings such as law, fate and ceremony) in Hindi, which are of Sanskrit origin, there is no such word or name as Tamravidhir; as far as my knowledge is concerned. At times I myself find the story behind this name too strange. Actually I had recently heard a Tagore song and I fell in love with the melody of the song so much that I often hummed it. And as I didn’t remember the lyrics correctly I often made some meaningless words which would rhyme with the previous ones and sound good along with them; and that’s how Tamravidhir was born.

I love to work![edit]

Keep calm and edit Wikipedia

Yes, I love to work and I love Wikipedia! I am literally addicted to Wikipedia! Although there have been certain months during which I have been unable to make any edit I have made sure that whenever I get sufficient time out of my real life (not my online life; I nowadays remain extremely busy for most part of the year) I dedicate some time to Wikipedia. When I have a lot of free time I edit extensively. There have been uncountable instances when I have actually spent the entire day editing Wikipedia. For example I have already mentioned in the “short intro” section that as I had nothing much to do in May 2012 I edited so much that my edit count for that particular month crossed the 2,000 mark. But I feel that this is not good. One should not spend the entire day sitting in front of a laptop or a desktop. Rather a person should also engage in various other activities. He or she should enjoy their life to the fullest. There’s surely a lot to do in Wikipedia but there’s more to life than just editing Wikipedia. Life is extremely unpredictable. Anything may happen suddenly any time. We should not sacrifice it and let it go just like that for anything. We can surely dedicate a small part of each day to Wikipedia but not the entire. However, as per Wikipedia’s policies, it’s not mandatory to dedicate even a small part of the day to Wikipedia. We are free to edit as per our preferences and are free to leave Wikipedia and even take a Wikibreak and even stop editing whenever we wish to. We are not bound to edit Wikipedia.

If to confess then I hate pages on Wikipedia which appear to be unconstructive. I love properly arranged Wikipedia articles, and this is what I love to do apart from adding sources and information. I found that the articles related to the television are extremely unconstructive. Many of them were outdated, had poor grammar and/or unreferenced info, while many failed the general notability criteria and were still there. So (as a result) I have ended up editing such articles extensively to keep them up to Wikipedia’s standards. Thus, my main goals are to keep Wikipedia up to date, to make it reliable, constructive and to keep it up to its standards.

Go out and see the world!

Although I edit articles which fall under various categories, as I said, most of my edits are confined to articles related to the television. If to confess I love to edit such articles. In fact, most of my edits (the edit count is above 500) belong to the article, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, which is an article on an Indian soap opera. In fact this article is one of my most favourite articles and I frequently add sources and information to this article.

I have so far nominated only two articles Wikipedia for the GA criterion on Wikipedia. The first being Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, itself, in December 2012 and the second being the article on the Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad, in May 2012). And I succeeded in promoting just one out of these two (i.e. the one on the Nawabs) to the GA status and that article is extremely precious to me. The first nomination was a humongous mistake on my part. Neither was the article prepared for the nomination nor was I. As a result the article failed the nomination but since then I have been extensively working on this article. Nearly three years have passed since this incident and today I feel that after resolving a few more issues and a fresh copy-edit the article will surely pass the GA review, becoming the first Indian television related article to become a GA on Wikipedia. I am also looking forward to make the following articles GAs:

On 17 October 2014 I started the article Everest (Indian TV series) and on that very same day I nominated a fact from the article for the Main Page DYK column. This was my debut DYK nomination and it was successfully promoted and the fact appeared on the Main Page in the DYK column on 21 October 2014. The fact was "that part of Ashutosh Gowariker's Everest has been filmed at over 17,000 feet (5,200 m) above sea level?".
A Japanese brush painting of bamboo

Apart from editing I have also uploaded non-free content to the English Wikipedia. It’s actually very tricky to upload such content as they are non-free. Before uploading it you will have see that all the requirements and criteria of uploading such content are fulfilled and it does not violate any of the guidelines. You will also need a fair use rationale and a fair use data. If the content fails any of the criteria or violates any of the guidelines then it will be deleted. Initially I wasn’t aware of this and I would upload such content to the Commons and they were always deleted leaving me clueless. I was bewildered and never understood why they were deleted. It was much later when I discovered Wikipedia’s file upload wizard and learned how, why, where and when to upload such content.

Except uploading such content to the English Wikipedia I have also uploaded many "free" images to the Commons under my former nom de plume. Majority of them are my own work while a few of them are images (actually portraits; yeah portraits! not images!) which are now in public domain.

[P.S. – I wish to increase the percentage of my edit summary usage (i.e. the number of edits for which I have provided an edit summary) from 91.8% (as of 24 January 2017) to 95% and then to 100%.]

Fussy! Fussy![edit]

I am too fussy, editing the same part of a page too often (generally one after the other); correcting the grammar, changing the width or the size, changing the sentence formation, fixing a typo here and there and blah blah and blah…! At times I myself feel that why I am doing this and even get irritated sometimes but finally that’s me…and as of yet I have not been able to completely change this habit. But from September 2014 onwards I have started using my sandbox extensively and efficiently. I have also started creating separate user subpages to work on articles. I can now make the draft in my sandbox or these subpages and when it’s finally complete and ready then I copy the source and paste in the source of the article to which the information has to be added and then save it. This has helped me a lot. I can also take my time and work on the articles separately on the respective subpages. There’s no longer any need for me to rush against time to complete the entire work in one day. I have also created a second sandbox for my use while a third one was later created by Yunshui when I asked him to help me with a code to modify my user page. From October 2014 onwards I have also started using Twinkle and HotCat, and they have helped me a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot)!

I should also make optimum utilisation of the “show preview” button before saving any of my edits (which I don’t do much) so that I don’t have to edit the same part of the article again and again. Although, that “I am being too fussy!” feeling has reduced to a certain extent it has not completely disappeared and I feel that it would take some time before it gets off me completely.

Get addicted to rain!...The air scented by the earthy smell...the sudden gusts of wind...the swaying tree branches...(and if one's extremely lucky and suddenly gets to smell jasmines and tuberoses, then it will be a boon; it will be an icing on the cake)...aaha! Who doesn't love rain? It feels like heaven when it rains!


Wikiddiction is defined as an addiction to Wikipedia and I am Wikiddicted. I am a Wikiaddict. I always knew it but I thought that whatever I was experiencing because of this addiction (it’s actually too funny and weird) is subjective, but when I read a section of an user subpage of Yunshui I was surprised. A wide smile spread on my face and I couldn't control it. That section listed the various instances which prove that Yunshui is also Wikiddicted and I found that I was experiencing almost all of them (not all but almost all of them). All these instances seems too weird in reality and are very much funny (well, it appears funny and weird to me). Yes seriously! Don’t believe me? Judge yourself…

  • If there's some information in some article on Wikipedia tagged with the [citation needed] tag, I will eagerly wait for the time when that particular information or something related to it, which can serve as a reference, is published by some newspaper or journal, or in some book or magazine (even if it be an in-flight magazine). And when come across such an article I quickly make a note of it and then use it as reference. And if I don't find one then I end up spending hours on the net finding a newspaper or a magazine article or any book which has published that information and can be used as a reference.
  • I keep on making lists of things to do on Wikipedia and for the whole day I keep on thinking about the list. I have uncountable pages of diaries filled with such lists and I feel restless to mark everything on the to-do list as done.
  • After clicking a picture of anything on which or related to which there is an article on Wikipedia (or if I feel that there possibly can be one) the second thought which comes to my mind (the first thought being whether the picture's okay or not :P) is to upload it to the Commons.
  • My curriculum vitae will always mention my work on Wikipedia.
  • I often boast about Wikipedia and at times even lecture my friends on the various points of Wikipedia's guidelines and policies and the various aspects of Wikipedia.
  • At times, there are days when I feel like to do nothing but just edit Wikipedia.


My mementoes are my dearies! They include all the awards, gifts, barnstars and the wishes I have received and I have taken great care to showcase all of them. You may (and you are always welcome to) view them at User:Tamravidhir/Mementoes.


This picture of a peafowl, taken by BS Thurner Hof, is the first picture to be used for the template
This was the second picture which was used for the template. This is a portrait of the opera singer Nancy Storace by Pietro Bettelini

Today I feel that it was not necessary to create this template. What a nincompoop was I that I even created a separate category for my user subpages and even started a Wikiproject by the name Tamravidhir! Yes, actually! Could you believe that!? You surely will have to now. The only reason to start the Wikiproject was to fill a certain parameter. Although I had redirected its page to my user page (thus it actually never existed like a proper Wikiproject, it's just the redirected page by the name Wikiproject Tamravidhir that existed) but I feel that a page by such name should never have been created. I was an idiot to make such a page and thank god, that the page, along with the category, was soon later deleted and today there is neither any such category nor any such Wikiproject/page (whatever you may wish to call it) by that name. But that template still exists.

Today whenever I create a new user subpage I add this template to the talk page of that particular sub page, thus, using it as a kind of a hallmark or a stamp for my user subpages. But the template actually serves no useful purpose. It’s actually useless! Yes, seriously!

Given below is a preview of the template discussed above, created on 20 August 2012. Until September 2014 the template featured an Indian peafowl which was later replaced by a portrait of Nancy Storace; the one by Pietro Bettelini. And finally, on 11 October 2014, even that portrait got replaced by the picture that you see today in the preview of the template below.

WikiProject Tamravidhir
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of Tamravidhir. This is an effort to recognise the user subpages of Tamravidhir with the main userpage on Wikipedia. If you would like to contact Tamravidhir you may leave a message on the user's talk page.

Feeling bored? Feeling low?[edit]


Don’t worry! Just visit the Wikipedia Department of Fun or just play any of the Wikipedia games. If you wish then you may also read the following…I hope that once you read these and "feel" the new ambiance they create you will no more be bored; you will no more feel low...

A Haiku[edit]


"The night with Her train of stars and Her great gift of sleep." – William Ernest Henley
"He’s dozed off again, but I kiss him awake, which seems to startle him. Then he smiles as if he’d be happy to lie there gazing at me forever." - Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games
"Sometimes people are beautiful...just in what they are." - Markus Zusak, The Messenger

Quote unquote[edit]

"It's always times like these when I think of you and I wonder if you ever think of me."- Vanessa Carlton

Digital heritage[edit]


Wonder what would happen if in the future UNESCO declares Wikipedia as the world's first digital world heritage site. The news will be a breaking news in the news bulletins, it will be marked in bold on the front pages of the newspapers...the news will even be published in books...imagine! wonder! Go to the future...What if this happens in the future? What if? What if? What if? What if?

[P.S. - You may be thinking that I have gone mad. But I'm completely fine! You never know, anything can happen in the future... ;)] the frame[edit]

Man Writing a Letter and Woman Reading a Letter
Man Writing a Letter and Woman Reading a Letter, two oil paintings on panel made by Dutch artist Gabriël Metsu in the 1660s. The former shows a young man sitting in front of an open window, writing a letter with a quill pen, while the latter depicts a woman reading a letter, which the work's symbolism suggests is a romantic one. These paintings are generally considered companion pieces, with the man writing the letter that the woman is reading. They have been held—and twice stolen—as a pair since at least the early 18th century, when the works were owned by collector Hendrick Sorgh of Amsterdam. They were donated to the National Gallery of Ireland in 1987.Painting: Gabriël Metsu