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What I'm working on

Louisville articles needing attention
Pages that have been worked on: Metro-College, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville Metro EMS, Louisville Clock, Lou Busch, Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Keenan Burton, Texas Roadhouse, George Devol
Unassessed Indiana articles

Next on list Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston

Started Articles:


Barney Bright
Dale Orem
Charles Hoodenpyl
Gabriel Poindexter
Harry Poindexter
Henry Burtt
Jermaine Ross
John M. Glass
John Minta
Joseph Warder
List of mayors of Jeffersonville, Indiana
List of mayors of New Albany, Indiana
Luther Warder
O.C. Woolley
Raymond Parker
Richard Vissing
Thomas Rader
Tom Galligan
William F. Collum
James John Floyd


Crescent Hill Branch Library
Jeffersonville Township Public Library
Louisville Glassworks


Jeffersonville Ethics Commission
Seal of Louisville, Kentucky


Lapping Park
Seneca Park
Six Mile Island State Nature Preserve
Warder Park


Louisville Magazine

Major contributions

Andrew Horne
Clark County, Indiana
Emmet O'Neal (Kentucky)
Green Tree Mall
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Rob Waiz
Shelby County High School
Texas Roadhouse
The Brick House
Tumbleweed Southwest Grill
Keenan Burton
History of the French in Louisville
Davis Floyd
Floyd County, Indiana

KY Barnstar.png The Bluegrass Barnstar
For your fantastic addition to the History of Louisville, Kentucky article regarding racial events. That was the most substantive addition to the article in some time. Stevie is the man! TalkWork 18:37, 10 March 2008 (UTC)