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In different contexts I am known by different names:


Projects of interest:


Wiki Wish List[edit]

These are thoughts on features I wish Wikipedia supported. I've filed most of these on

  • Support for what ought to link here
    • Easy mode for batch editing instances of a link.
      • E.g., if you want to change links from 1700s to 1700s. Right now you need to go to each page. Edit the page. Save the change. I'd like to bring up all articles that link to 1700s and edit them all at once, or in some batch format. Blind substitution of the links doesn't work because some of the links should be left alone.
      • Another example I personally have run across is foot the body part vs Foot (unit of length) the measurement. In any given article you might expect foot or feet to go to the right place, but it depends on which context you are in which seems more natural and many mistakes are made. So what I am asking for is some kind of bulk editing capability.
    • When you fix a links which is often to the wrong page, a redirect, or a disambiguation page you often face this situation where you would like to click on "what links here" then walk through each of those links and either fix it one way, or possibly another, or just leave it alone based on the context.
  • Be able to sort searches and What links here in some meaningful way(s)
    • When last edited -- alphabetically -- length -- ...