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Jalabi99/Angela Devi
Angela Devi
Born Angela Devi Tracy (although unconfirmed sources say that her real name is Shinali Dhringa)
United States
Died April 1, 2006 (although her death has not yet been positively confirmed)
Other names Angela Devi
Height 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Weight 105 lb (48 kg)

Angela Devi (born 1980 in New York City, died April 2006 (?)) was a model of Indian descent known for her large breasts, which she surgically enhanced from their already large natural size, and for her videos where she directly addressed the viewer. Devi stood at 5'1", weighed 105 pounds, and measured 36DD-23-33. Angela Devi were her first and middle names, respectively.

Modelling career[edit]

Devi originally became known through her modeling pictures on and later on her own website She also sold self-produced videos over the Internet, in which she spoke directly to camera (and thus to the viewer) which seemed to be on a tripod.

As of April 1, 2006, is no longer available to new members. The site closed on April 30.

Personal life[edit]

From the information and text of captions on her website, Devi seemed to be resident in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she was pursuing a degree in accountancy. It is not known whether her academic colleagues were aware of her other professional career as an Internet web-model.

Controversy: Is Angela Devi Really Dead?[edit]

In late March 2006, some reports surfaced that the site was going to be shut down, but no reason was given. Then, on April 1, 2006, the front page of her site was changed to a message purporting to come from the webmaster of her site, in which it was stated that she had died: "To all of Angela's fans and Internet friends. I am so very sad to say that Angela has passed away. I don't wish to go into details at this time....I miss Angela very much and it is very difficult to even talk about her passing. I will never forget my good friend, Angela....Please ignore any rumors you might see on other web sites about Angela. I have not posted anything on any web site other than here. If you see posts by individuals claiming to be Angela, agents of Angela, and etc., these posts are very likely posts of sick people wishing some kind of attention. Our good friend, Angela Devi, has passed away -- may she rest in peace."

Later that day, the front page was changed again, this time to a simple announcement: "All ordering and general viewing on the web site is no longer possible. Only members who have ordered photo clubs in the past may access the photo clubs they have ordered. Members have until April 30, 2006 to view and download the photo clubs they have paid for. After this date the web site will be removed from the Internet."

Speculation on the part of some Internet users that the announcements were part of a cruel April Fool's day joke was heightened given the date that the front page was changed. At another bulletin board,, a post entitled "The End of", also dated April 1, 2006, and purporting to be from Angela Devi, stated in part that she was closing her site "due to a combination of different opinions and beliefs with Foxes and my desire to finally move on with my "real" life that I had always dreamed about". She also stated inter alia that, although she had had a MySpace account, it was hacked into in December, and she had never bothered to touch it again, fearing that people would think that it was fake. Posts continued to come from Angela (or someone pretending to be her) at the forum at FreeOnes, until April 3, 2006, after which more and more posts from other users started referring to her death, rumors of her death, and evidence appearing elsewhere on the Internet (including here at Wikipedia) that she was dead.

At this time, there is still some doubt in some observer's minds that Angela in truth has met her demise; the purported cause of her demise has not been revealed.

There has recently[when?] been confirmation of her death, there are those on the internet who have obtained a copy of the police report despite the reluctance of some to publically release it.


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