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History The start of this religion was on the 26th May 2010. The Creator of this relgion was James Beattie of Ellington. It was thought of in a English lesson with Miss Rooney.


  • The place of worship is a Piste of Otis.
  • The Leaders of this religion are called Breads which are:
  1. Pita is Tom Hume.
  2. Hedgehog is Alex Lawencre.
  3. Tiger is James Beattie.
  • The God of the religion is Otis Gilbert.
  • The Anti God is Shaw M.
  • If you are a follower you are called a Ote.
  • The holybook is called 'Seven Teachings of Otis'.
  1. Wear colourful socks.
  2. Laugh like Otis which sounds like a rapid intake of air.
  3. Believe we are just atoms on a piece of toast.
  4. Ask why.
  5. If you have bad hand to eye coordination you are more like Otis.
  6. Invest in flour mills.
  7. Create a toaster that imprints the symbol of Otism on to the bread.
  • The animal of this regilion is a 'Chamelearmaduckfishsnake' which can:
  1. Can blend into its surroundings
  2. It has a human brain
  3. Spits hummus
  4. Shots poison barbs from its fingers
  5. Opposable thumbs on its feet

The Symbol