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I'm a college student in the southern US, and I speak Old English/Anglo-Saxon, German, French, Modern English, and am working on Latin, and Old High German. I am looking forward to writing articles for the Wikipedia in Old English/Anglo-Saxon.

My website, Old English Made Easy, contains a dictionary, and links to several translation projects, such as the Bible, GNOME, Wikipedia, and Wiktionary.

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Old English Wikis[edit]

  • Wikipedia: Now with over 850 articles!
  • Wiktionary: Now with over 2000 articles! (Including: Old High German, French, English, Swedish, and more!)


I speak English, German, and some Old English. I'll be going back to Germany at some point to improve my German skills.


Old English, Matlock, Star Trek, and the general areas of linguistics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, history, and politics.

Germany Maps[edit]

Is there anyone able to make a map of Germany, using the 1871 borders (minus the Schleswig that went to Denmark) on modern Europe? I would like to see some of the following map styles:

I've already made this map, but it's a rough guide. I can only use MS Paint (I'm not that good a mapmaker :) ). Basically, I took the modern Bundesländer, and the Prussian provinces and put them together. I'm looking mostly for the differences from modern Germany, mainly East/West Prussia, Elsaß-Lothringen, the expanded Brandenburg, Silesien, Posen, Pommern, and Mecklenberg. Also a list of the administrative divisions and cities for those hypothetical states. Thanks in advance! Category:Germany