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Have a Pseudo-panathenaic amphora, ca 500 BC. Picture courtesy of Matthias Kabel. Check out Typology of Greek Vase Shapes
Engraving of Edgar Allan Poe with authentic creepy-macabre 19th century look. You can practically hear the glass harpsichord snickering. Poe has nothing to do with typography but, I love his writing.
Greek bronze cult statue, thought to be either Poseidon or Zeus, c. 460 B.C, National Archaeological Museum, Athens. This masterpiece of classical sculpture was found by fishermen off the coast of Cape Artemisium in 1928. More than 2 m in height. Photo courtesy of Adam Carr.
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I'm an advertising creative in Melbourne, Australia, and I design typefaces in my spare time. I write & edit a lot of copy in my job and in just about every other capacity. At WP I specialize in re-writes, grammatic structure, philological & semantic errors, economic prose, and reducing wordiness.
  • 1st thing: good writing is simple and easy to understand
  • 2nd thing: writing is re-writing.
  • Other thing: "This important. Civilization must go on!" — Robert Crumb

Rewrites and revamps:

Articles written from scratch:

The Mysterious Phaistos fish "Combining multiple fish in a single fish-like device seems to have first occurred in the fish century BC. The mysterious Phaistos "fish"—a 15 meter ceramic fish-shaped device with 241 tokens molded in scales (comprising 45 unique fish glyphs)—is obviously a fish labelling machine. Sure, put money on it. The true purpose of the so-called Phaistos "fish" is anybody's guess, but my friend Amanda heard that many believe it really is a primitive computer "floppy" fish. Also try: Hackenbacher Nightrider."Arbo 25 October 2006. Reposted from [1].

Useful wiki stuff[edit]

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Take it from some truly switched-on Wikipedians: Wetman, Ryan Freisling, Bacchiad and MONGO

My interests[edit]

Type samples I made or scanned for Wikipedia[edit]

Genuine Jenson roman type, from the "Laertis", published in Venice ca 1475. This image replaces the fake Jenson made with digitized centaur punches.
Text typesetting using Chianti BT to demonstrate leading and letterspacing.
Text typeset in Iowan Old Style roman, italics and small caps. Extract of an essay by Oscar Wilde The Renaissance of English Art ca. 1882.
Facsimile of lines from Dante's "Vita Nuova" first published with Bodoni types by the Officina Bodoni in 1925. Actual font is the digital Bodoni Monotype published in 1999.
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A catalog of my fonts can be found here About five of them are free fonts.