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For my contributions to encyclopedia article text (and only articles) you may use any of the licenses below and may contribute to other sites using any of these licenses. Exceptions: 1. the Free Software Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation. 2. Any individual who advocated or voted for an FSF license to use a "later version" clause to automatically grant a non-FSF license. Affected individuals should ask me if I'm willing to grant them a license, or should use the GFDL 1.2 or earlier.

BSD: you may use either BSD license.

Wikipedia reference: If you have a link back from your copy or derivative work to which visibly includes "Wikipedia" or "", I hereby grant you a one month non-exclusive license to use any edit of mine to any Wikipedia article. This license is renewed each month unless I list you as an exception. Exceptions: only the general exceptions at the start.

Creative Commons: you may use any Creative Commons license with a version number below 2.5 (up to May 2005) (not including 2.5) which does not place the work into the public domain or deprive authors of their moral rights. Currently this blocks the public domain dedication and wiki (removes moral rights) licenses from being acceptable. You may use the 2.5 licenses only with the author (me) attributed in any license with an attribution clause. I do not grant "or later version" CC licenses.

GPL/GFDL compatible: you may use any license identified as as compatible (for use as part of a GPL/GFDL work) with the GFDL or GPL by the developers of the GFDL and GPL, respectively. Exception: you may only use Creative Commons licenses under the terms of the Creative Commons section here. If the FSF license version permits use contrary to the Creative Commons section, then I don't automatically grant a license for that GPL/GFDL version either. To the maximum extent possible here I no longer grant any "or later version" licenses for any FSF-controlled license.

Open source: you may use any license, except Creative Commons licenses, which the Open Source Initiative (OSI, currently at does now or ever has indicated is an open source license (list).

General: you may use any license which indicates to others that they are free to use the content. You are not required to use the same term for any content you create yourself, including your parts (but only your parts) of derived works. The license may not make me liable legally for any use of the material (no requirement for me to pay fees, accept liability for your edits and so on). Exception: Creative Commons licenses may only be used as described in the Creative Commons section

Time: 14 years from each edit you may use almost any license you like. The license may not make me liable legally for any use of the material (no requirement for me to pay fees, accept liability for your edits and so on). The license may also not strip me of my moral rights, for example by attributing the work to someone other than me.

Keeping it free: if you qualify for a license and are not the Wikipedia site or Wikimedia Foundation or related organizations, I grant you a non-exclusive, revocable by me agency to enforce my GFDL rights against the Wikipedia site or Wikimedia Foundation with respect to any GFDL term it claims you don't follow, if it doesn't itself follow that term.

I opted out of the proposed copyright compliance agency grant from Wikipedia:Submission_Standards at 02:22, 26 Jan 2004 (UTC)[1]. I recommend that everyone who wants the content to stay free (as in freedom) do the same.

Please note that these days I'm not an active developer/tech team member. I am still a little active as an admin at enwiki and general contributor. Much of the description below is retained for historical reasons for anyone who's wondering why my name appears in assorted technical places here.

I was part of the Wikimedia technical team and developer committee, handling database, equipment purchasing and general technical admin tasks; and an administrator here. If you're unfamiliar with Wikipedia, a display about the site spent a few weeks on display in the foyer of the United Nations, won the Webby community award in 2004, had just under a million contributions in June 2004 and according to is in the top 75 English language and top 150 world web sites and still growing. There are also versions in over 100 other languages in various states of evolution. There's constant chat in the IRC chat and I can usually be found there.

While I write about law a lot, I'm not a lawyer. I've been tracking the evolution of US law relating to online communities and involved in managing them and applying copyright law in practice since about 1994. Please don't hesitate to ask me to explain why I write what I write about any legal matter.

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Guardian Manual of Style Blackwell Publishing on clearances and fair dealing

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Legal sources (read these to learn more about copyright law):

  • Ivan Hoffman, see the articles sections. Note the publication date, though, for later cases have sometimes changed the state of the law, notably in the internet field.

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