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James Gibbon

James Gibbon is a British resident of Leicestershire in England.

He spends far too much time in front of a PC. He is Microsoft-averse, however, and uses an Open Source operating system.

He is the originator and administrator of a forum for discussing issues relating to religion, philosophy and politics, Open 2 Question, which he installed and maintained on his own webserver. He deleted it when he grew tired of it, but not before its contributors did. He still maintains a blog however, at

He is married as of August 1st 2007. He currently works as an IT specialist for a research laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

The colour scheme of his Wikipedia signature (jamesgibbon) is subject to change.


James is 99% positive that 'God' is a human invention, and is therefore a strong atheist. He has always voted for a centre-right party, yet holds views which might be characterised as 'liberal' on geopolitical matters, in particular in relation to events in recent years arising from the foreign policies of previous incarnations of the United States and British governments.

Those who know him sometimes describe him as self-absorbed and vain. He acknowledges these traits, but feels that he fully deserves the attention he receives from himself.

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He holds an honours degree in Computer Science from an English university, and has managed the front office trading systems for a Japanese Bank in the City of London. He subsequently joined an American firm as a Unix specialist, something he regrets, since his work there was exploited to further the careers of colleagues of conspicuously lower professional stature, at the expense of his own.

James has twenty years' experience, on and off (but mostly on) in Unix systems management. He currently works as the systems administrator and IT specialist for a research laboratory at Nottingham University.

Geographical Biography[edit]

James was born in Hartlepool, England (and is therefore a Monkey Hanger).

He lived there until August 1989, when he left to live in Leicester, while working in Derby.

He moved to Derby in December the following year to be closer to his place of work, initially lodging with a colleague for several months before eventually buying a house there, Slim Towers, in 1991.

He moved to Northampton in 1994, from where he commuted to London. However, he rented a flat in SE London a year later, in August 1995, and lived there for the following seven years, before returning to Derby rather reluctantly in February 2002, to move back into Slim Towers. He left Derby in September 2009 to live with his wife in Leicestershire, having put it off as long as he could.

Areas Of Expertise And Interest[edit]

Recent Wikipedia Activity[edit]

Not much. I've mostly just tidied up or made brief additions to random articles I've come across while wiki-surfing. I did add a couple of photos to Hartlepool railway station however.

Wrote a new article, XPD.