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I am Jan, Jan I am.
Would you like fried pickles and ham?

Most notable of my work is in Orillia, Ontario and OpenBSD, where in a couple months I helped to take it from this to where it is now. I've edited stuff for all kinds of topics, but mostly cleaning up a typo here or blatant lie there.

I gave up on stopping people from adding adverts to the Ultima Online article, though I had maintained it for a while prior to getting myself an account.

Going to do some geographic stuff as well as historic and statistical thing for the Orillia and surrounding areas' pages.

Plus I am going to try and expand Theo de Raadt to biographical levels and try and get in a little information about Todd C. Miller and maybe Damien Miller as well.

I've been known to meddle with the FreeBSD, open source and OpenSSH articles if I see something crazy going on. So if you need a hand expanding something in one of those articles, chances are you can con me into proofing it and giving you a hand.

I am currently overly busy with my boring attempt at computer consulting to do too much work on the various wikish sites and I am starting to feel the need to just do stuff off on my own, since wikis tend to be too chaotic and overly vandalised/bikeshedded. I am working on my own OpenBSD reference book/site as a way of better learning Unix and to clean up my writing style.

Got OpenBSD Featured on January 22, it looked like this.

Oh, and Sandbox.


This user is Canadian, that means his spelling and grammar are a horrid mix of the English, American and French styles.